Amazon Owes You Money!

AMZSuite Helps Get Your Money Back

When selling on Amazon, every penny counts. AMZSuite will maximize your profits by automating tedious tasks like reconciling refunds, managing damaged inventory, removing negative feedback, and requesting reimbursements. Start maximizing your Amazon profits today!

Integrate your Amazon Seller Central Account to use AMZSuite automated tools
Feedback Protection + Reconciliation + Reimbursements All included for just $79
Feedback Sentry automated feedback monitoring and removal system dashboard preview

Feedback Sentry IconFeedback Sentry

How many times have you received neutral or negative feedback on your seller account? Was the feedback actually a result of a customer attempting to submit a product review or report an Amazon shipping failure? Neutral and negative feedback is not only detrimental to your overall seller rating, it can impact your sales, financial gains, and future Amazon potential. Thanks to Feedback Sentry’s automated feedback monitoring and removal system, all of that is about to change.

Refund Rescuer automated reimbursements and disputes dashboard preview

Refund Rescuer IconRefund Rescuer

When a customer purchases an item and requests a refund, Amazon takes that money from your account immediately. The customer is then given 45 days to return the item. If the customer fails to return the item, Amazon will usually return any withheld funds to the seller – but not all of the time. In these cases where withheld funds are not returned, the responsibility falls on the seller to submit a request for reimbursement. Reconciling what has and hasn't been returned can be nearly impossible. Refund Rescuer automates that process by identifying reimbursements that have slipped through the cracks and automatically opens a dispute to recover your money.

Inventory Salvager automated reimbursements for lost and damaged inventory dashboard preview

Inventory Salvager IconInventory Salvager

If you’re an Amazon seller relying on the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) service, your products are being stored with millions of other products from all around the world. If products are damaged or lost, going through the reimbursement process can be time consuming and difficult. With Inventory Salvager, you’re able to salvage lost and damaged inventory with our fully automated process in which damaged and lost units are identified; once the products are isolated, Inventory Salvager will automatically open the appropriate case to get your money back. (Only for FBA Sellers)

AMZSuite's All-Inclusive Pricing Includes:

  • Feedback Protection
  • No-Return Refund Reimbursements
  • Damaged Inventory Reimbursements
  • + AMZSuite’s Refund Guarantee

We guarantee you will receive at least $79 in reimbursements from Amazon within your First 30 Days of membership or we will refund the cost of your membership
(and you can keep what amazon reimbursed you!)
Start maximizing your Amazon profits today!

Recovering lost money in the Amazon Marketplace can be a painful and droning experience, yet it's a necessary task for an Amazon Seller who wants to maximize their profit. AMZSuite is a Amazon Seller Tool aimed to take that painful experience off of the Amazon Sellers hands so they can focus on the finer things in life.

This Amazon Seller Software was developed to help Amazon Sellers manage tedious tasks like managing damaged inventory, reconciling refunds, removing negative feedback, and requesting reimbursements. While there are other Amazon Seller Tools available, none of them were developed to utilize artificial intelligence technology to gain leverage over the competition like AMZSuite.

We hope AMZSuite can help other Amazon Sellers push their business to its full potential.