How far back does AMZSuite reconcile?

AMZSuite will go back 365 days from the day you sign up and immediately begins to dispute negative feedback, recover lost refunds, and send requests for reimbursements on your damaged inventory.

What Reconciling does AMZSuite Do?

AMZSuite is looking for lost refunds, damaged inventory, and negative seller feedback.

There are many ways money can slip through the cracks (like inaccurate fees being charged), but AMZSuite is designed to win cases. It carefully chooses the types of cases to seek reimbursements for; allowing the highest chance of receiving a reimbursement.

Does AMZSuite throttle cases?

Yes, AMZSuite throttles the amount of cases it opens and also breaks cases into smaller reimbursement dollar value requests.

Our system is designed to monitor the amount of open support tickets and "drip" cases to Amazon Support.

This helps us in two ways:

  1. We don't want to inundate amazon support with too many of support requests (duh) but also, if you submit multiple cases (over 4 at a time) for the same thing (for example: damaged inventory) the cases tend to get bundled together and escalated to a second tier support agent.
  2. This methodology of smaller case amount (under $300 at a time) maximizes the amount of reimbursements you will receive because the case can be handled by a first line agent without having to be escalated.

A large seller could take up to 90-Days receive all of their reimbursements.

Do I need to download software?

No. AMZSuite is a completely automated, cloud-based system that can be monitored from anywhere and on any platform. This gives you the power to monitor your AMZSuite account anytime, anywhere.

What access does AMZSuite need?

When you register your AMZSuite account you will also create a limited-access user account in Amazon Seller Central. This account will isolate the access that AMZSuite has to your Seller account to items like reporting, case management, and reimbursements.
You can view a list of required permissions here:

Can I Enable/ Disable Modules?

Yes, you can enable/disable modules in the Dashboard Settings under the "Modules" tab.

Will AMZSuite manage the cases?

Yes. Our AMZSuite services are fully automated, which means we do everything from opening cases to monitoring for reimbursements. We’ll worry about the backend so you can worry about closing more sales.

What Amazon Marketplaces does AMZSuite Support?

Currently, AMZSuite supports the US Amazon Seller Marketplace only. We plan to roll out to other marketplaces in the near future, but we want to get out of Beta and make sure our product is fine-tuned and polished before adding more Marketplace Support.

Does AMZSuite work on Suspended Accounts?

No, AMZSuite needs the ability to open cases to recover reimbursements and suspended accounts are not allowed to submit cases.

How do I reset my Password? (Can’t Login)

You can reset your password here:
(This link is also located on the login form)

We have had users tell us that the login form sometimes likes to auto-fill with their phone number. This is a browser setting that we don't have any control over. You just have to replace the phone number that was auto-populated with the email that you signed up with.

Who do I contact for Support?

We want you to feel confident in our service, so if you have questions or concerns about billing, software, usage, or how we can get better, don’t hesitate to email us at: support@amzsuite.com.