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Seller Rating + AMZSuite = Automated Feedback Protection

Negative Seller Feedback hurts your profitability on Amazon.
AMZSuite's Feedback Sentry gives you real-time automated Seller Feedback Protection

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Feedback Protection + Reconciliation + Reimbursements All included for just $79

What is Feedback Sentry?

How many times have you received neutral or negative feedback on your seller account that was actually a product review or Amazon shipping failure? Negative feedback is not only detrimental to your overall seller rating; it can impact your sales, your financial gains, and your future Amazon potential. All of that is about to change thanks to Feedback Sentry’s automated Feedback Monitoring and Removal system.

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Feedback Removal

Protecting Your Sellers Account

Just Got Easier!

Before Feedback Sentry, Amazon sellers had to manually request feedback removal for every neutral or negative review that didn’t pertain to them as a seller. Thankfully, that time has now passed. Feedback Sentry was designed to automatically monitor a seller’s account for negative or neutral feedback, and automatically submit a removal request for any feedback that violates Amazon’s feedback policy.

How does Feedback Sentry improve your account?

  • Removes negative and neutral feedback
  • Improves your brand/seller image
  • Helps maintain a positive seller rating
  • Helps establish stronger customer relationships
  • Saves time and effort
  • Removing feedback at 1-3 stars works 96% of the time
  • Removing feedback at the 4-star level works 84% of the time

When you are competing for Amazon’s “Buy Box”, your seller feedback is one of the primary factors in Amazon's ranking algorithm for determining who gets the sale. That means a better seller rating makes you more money and allows you to charge more, for your products.

If you're looking to enhance your brand’s visibility and increase sales, then look no further than Feedback Sentry- the #1 tool for removing negative feedback from your Amazon seller account.

AMZSuite's All-Inclusive Pricing Includes:

  • Feedback Protection
  • No-Return Refund Reimbursements
  • Damaged Inventory Reimbursements
  • + AMZSuite’s Refund Guarantee