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Damaged Inventory + AMZSuite = Automated Reimbursements

Inventory gets damaged at the Amazon Warehouse.
AMZSuite’s Inventory Salvager gets you automatically reimbursed for those damages.

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Feedback Protection + Reconciliation + Reimbursements All included for just $79

What is Inventory Salvager?

When you’re an Amazon seller relying on the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) service, your products are being stored with millions of other products from all around the world. While it’s convenient for you to have them shipped out and verified by Amazon, if problems arise where products are damaged or lost, going through the reimbursement process can be time consuming and difficult. With AMZSuite’s Inventory Salvager, we’ll automatically manage your reimbursement process, so you can remain focused on landing more sales.

Protect Your Product Line with

AMZSuite’s Inventory Salvager

Being a successful Amazon seller means crafting the right products, creating marketing strategies that help your sales, and managing your growing inventory. That’s why it’s only natural to rely on the Fulfillment by Amazon service. They keep track of your products, ship them out to customers, and even issues refunds should problems arise.

However, there are times when products are damaged or lost among the sea of competing products in one of the 28 Amazon fulfillment locations, causing you to jump through a few hoops to get reimbursed.

Instead of wading through mounds of paperwork and all the stress that comes with it, you should instead leverage AMZSuite’s Inventory Salvager, a cloud-based software designed specifically to automatically file your claims and jumpstart your refund process for you.

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Looking Out for the “Little Guy”

Amazon has systems in place to protect you if your products are lost, damaged, or even misplaced, but it isn’t always that easy. About 10 percent of the time, your reimbursement can get lost, leaving you struggling to find what inventory was lost and trying to make a claim. That’s where AMZSuite’s Inventory Salvager goes to work for you.

Our tool keeps track of your inventory and knows when it gets damaged while in Amazon’s control.
If 11 days have passed and you haven’t received your reimbursement, Inventory Salvager will automatically open a support case with Amazon to request the reimbursement while monitoring the situation until the reimbursement is issued.

This process ensures you:

  • Save time and money
  • Maintain better inventory control
  • Provide better customer service
  • Reduce stress and worries over damaged or misplaced products
  • Focus on selling products instead of fixing problems

AMZSuite's All-Inclusive Pricing Includes:

  • Feedback Protection
  • No-Return Refund Reimbursements
  • Damaged Inventory Reimbursements
  • + AMZSuite’s Refund Guarantee