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Refunds + AMZSuite = Automated Reconciliation

Refunds are a part of selling on Amazon.
AMZSuite's Refund Rescuer automatically reconciles your refunds and requests reimbursements.

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Feedback Protection + Reconciliation + Reimbursements All included for just $79

What is Refund Rescuer?

Refunds will always be a part of any sales plan, no matter how good the product or the marketing strategy. Even though you’re working closely with Amazon, there are times when a product isn’t returned by the buyer properly and you won’t receive the money that you’re owed. When this happens, AMZSuite’s Refund Rescuer will be there to help you get your money back, automatically. Don’t leave money on the table; let Refund Rescuer help save the day.


Here to Save the Day

Keep track of your refunds so you never lose a penny.

As an Amazon seller, you know first-hand that no matter how great your products might be, refunds are inevitable. Whether it be because someone just doesn’t like the product, or because the item is damaged during delivery, you’ll eventually have to rely on the buyer to ship the product back, and for Amazon to manage the refund.

While this works perfectly in theory, it doesn’t always go as smoothly as we’d like. There are times when Amazon’s 45-day grace period will expire and you won’t have your money as promised because the buyer never sent the product back. In cases like this, you’ll have to manually file a claim- and then wait even longer- to recoup your missing funds. Thanks to the Refund Rescuer, that’s all about to change.

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Put Money Back in Your Pocket

Instead of going through the a rigorous and confusing claims process yourself, Refund Rescuer is there ready to do it for you. From the time the an item is returned, Refund Rescuer will automatically track the refund and then for the subsequent 45-day return period.

If the item fails to show up and Amazon fails to refund your money, our automated tool will open a case through Amazon and request the credit back. Here’s a look at the four-step process:

  1. Our system logs every refund that is initiated.
  2. The system compares those items to all items physically returned to Amazon.
  3. If the order that initiated the refund was not returned within 45 days, the system looks for the credit back to the seller.
  4. After cataloguing three different reports and comparing the data of credits, shipments, and reimbursements, if there was no credit back given, the system automatically opens a case to request for credit back.

Stop leaving money on the table that you’re already owed. Choose Refund Rescuer and have a comprehensive, automated system that works to put money you deserve back in your pocket.

AMZSuite's All-Inclusive Pricing Includes:

  • Feedback Protection
  • No-Return Refund Reimbursements
  • Damaged Inventory Reimbursements
  • + AMZSuite’s Refund Guarantee