How does the AMZSuite process work?

Step 1

Register your AMZSuite Account:

When you signup for AMZSuite, we issue you a unique IP address and a dedicated virtual server instance is instantiated for your account to keep your data safe and prevent any login or security headaches.

Step 2

Invite AMZSuite to Help Manage Your Cases:

Many of Amazon's features can be accesed via their API (Application Programming Interface). For AMZSuite, the management of opening cases, pulling detailed inventory/returns/feedback information cannot be done exclusively through existing API methods.

We do not require your primary account login. AMZSuite will provide you with a unique AMZSuite email to use to generate a limited access account (Only giving us the ability to view various reports, and open support tickets).

Step 3

Set Limited Access Permissions:

Upon receipt of your invitation, AMZSuite immediately generates a unique secure (strong) password, and stores it via salted 256 bit AES two-way encryption. You just need to "Confirm" the new user you created and set the permissions for this new account to access only reporting for Inventory/Payments, Feedback and Case Management

Step 4

Sit Back and Watch the Magic Happen:

After the initial account activation sequence, AMZSuite will start reconciling your feedback, refunds, and damaged inventory. Looking for misplaced money, incorrectly placed feedback and damaged inventory that was not reimbused.

AMZSuite goes back 365 days to bring your account up to date. It can take up to a few hours from the initial setup to start seeing cases being opened and data in the dashboard, but not to worry, AMZSuite is working diligently in the background 24 hours a day to protect your account and maximize your revenue.